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Wedelia Fast growing, flowering groundcover that forms a solid mat. Great plant for slopes and holding soil in place. Attractive dark green foliage with bright yellow daisy like flowers nearly year round in warm climates. Will get knocked back by … Continue reading

Verbena hybrida

Verbena hybrida Bright and colorful trailing groundcover with clusters of flowers on ends of runners. Come in several colors. Will thrive in the heat and sun and foliage will stay lush in the summer. Drought tolerant once established. Sizes available: … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Vine – Ipomoea

Sweet Potato Vine – Ipomoea Vigorous growing groundcover with heart shaped leaves. Can take full sun to partial shade, well drained soil. Great as a mass planting and well suited for containers or hanging baskets. Can take dry conditions once … Continue reading

Scaevola ‘Purple Fan’

Scaevola ‘Purple Fan’ Wonderful spreading, flowering groundcover that only reaches about 10-12″ in height. Blooms nearly year around in warm climates. Full sun. Well drained soil. Water regularly. Can also be used in hanging baskets and container plantings for cascading … Continue reading

Purslane ‘Cinderella’

Purslane ‘Cinderella’ Spreading groundcover with delicate succulent like leaves, with masses of yellow/pink flowers. Heat tolerant. Can reach up to 2′ across. Great mass planting. Likes well-drained soil. Salt tolerant. Also available in several other colors. Sizes available: 1g

Purple Queen – Setcreasea purpurea

Purple Queen – Setcreasea purpurea Fast low growing groundcover with colorful dark purple foliage – almost succulent looking. Produces a small pink flower – best known for foliage color. Sprawling, open growth, will tolerate poor conditions. Cold sensitive but should … Continue reading

Petunia Mexican Dwarf – Ruellia brittonia ‘Katie’

Petunia Mexican Dwarf – Ruellia brittonia ‘Katie’ Dwarf mounding groundcover with dark green elongated leaves. Flowers year around. Can reach up to 12″ in height. Comes in purple, pink & white. Sizes available: 1g

Perennial Peanut – Arachis glabrata

Perennial Peanut – Arachis glabrata Easy to grow, spreading groundcover with small yellow blooms. Wonderful waterwise mass groundcover. Very drought tolerant once established. Can be mowed if need be. Tough plant. Sizes available: 1g

Oyster Dwarf – Rhoeo spathacea

Oyster Dwarf – Rhoeo spathacea Fast growing groundcover with purple and green erect blade like foliage, growing in a clumping crown like pattern. Can reach up 10″ in height. Can take poor conditions. Also available in a tri-color (Creamy white … Continue reading


Mimosa Moderate growing groundcover with fine carpeting leaves. Wonderful pinkish purple fiberoptic looking powderpuff. Can take full sun or part shade. Drought tolerant. Florida Native. Sizes available: 1g