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Petunia Mexican – Ruellia Brittonia

Petunia Mexican – Ruellia Brittonia Up-right fast growing perennial with an abundance of purple/blue flowers almost year around. Long dark green foliage. Great for mass plantings. Salt tolerant, very tough. Sizes available: 1g, 3g

Persian Shield – Strobilanthes dyeranus

Persian Shield – Strobilanthes dyeranus Up-right perennial with beautiful silvery-purple foliage that feel like velvet. Wonderful plant for those shady areas. Can reach up to 3-4′ ft in height. Nice texture. Salt tolerant. Sizes available: 1g

Perovskia ‘Russian Sage’

Perovskia ‘Russian Sage’ Perennial with fine lacey like foilage that is silvery green in color with somewhat of a scent to it. Beautiful long spikes of color in the summer to fall. Long lasting blooms. Can get woody. Drought tolerant … Continue reading

Pepper (Ornamental) ‘Black Pearl’

Pepper (Ornamental) ‘Black Pearl’ Perennial growing up to 18-24″in height. Likes full sun, but afternoon shade is best. Striking dark burgundy to black foliage. Produces ornamental peppers throughout the warm months. A nice addition to any garden. Likes well drained … Continue reading

Penta Tall Red – Penta lanceolate

Penta Tall Red – Penta lanceolate Excellent butterfly attractor. Clusters of dark red star shaped flowers with dark green leaves. Can reach up to 2-3′ ft in height. Blooms mostly year round. Salt tolerant. Sizes available: 1g, 3g

Papyrus Dwarf – Cyperus isocladus

Papyrus Dwarf – Cyperus isocladus Clumps of erect stems topped with leaves that form a round pattern. Will take wet conditions or in a pond. Sizes available: 1g, 3g

Panama Rose – Rondeletia

Panama Rose – Rondeletia Winter bloomer having deep rose-pink flowers in late Fall to late Spring. The flowers attract butterflies when little else is in bloom. Should become fragrant after sunset in the garden. Can reach up to 3′ in … Continue reading

Mona Lavender – Plectranthus

Mona Lavender – Plectranthus Compact-ever blooming perennial with purple backed green leaves that produce short stalks of lavender flowers. Can reach up to 2′ ft in height and spread. Great for mass plantings. Will bloom in sun or shade. Sizes … Continue reading

Milkweed ‘Giant’

Milkweed ‘Giant’ Fast growing perennial that is a must for the butterfly garden. Great plant for the Monarch caterpillars. This plant needs some room. Can reach up to 6-8′ ht. Large, thick leathery leaves that are slightly silver in color. … Continue reading

Milkweed – Asclepias curassavica

Milkweed – Asclepias curassavica Medium growing perennial that produces clusters of bright orange-red flowers. A food source for monarch butterfly larvae. A must for that butterfly garden. Sizes available: 1g, 3g