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Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow Salix babylonica Fast Growing, Deciduous tree Can reach up to 40′ in height and spread Full sun Likes moist soil conditions. Can take wet areas Cold Hardy Not Drought tolerant Not Salt Tolerant Graceful, long weeping branches that … Continue reading


Tibouchinia Tropical flowering shrub or small flowering tree Can reach up to 10-12′ in height in frost free areas Full sun for best blooming Frost free environment – Not cold tolerant Moist, fertile soil conditions Not Drought tolerant – Water … Continue reading


Tabebuia Tabebuia argentea Moderate growing, deciduous tree with silvery green leaves and beautiful corky like bark Can reach up to 20-25′ in height Full sun. Can take some shade Somewhat cold tolerant Moist well drained soil but tolerant of most … Continue reading

Poinciana Royal Dwarf

Poinciana Royal Dwarf Caesalpinia pulcherima Fast growing shrub or small flowering tree. Semi deciduous Can reach up to 10-12′ in height Full sun to part shade Frost free environment. Can die back to ground but usually comes back Well drained … Continue reading

Poinciana ‘Royal’

Poinciana ‘Royal’ Delonix regia Fast growing, tropical tree Can reach up to 20-30′ in height and spread Full Sun Moist, but well drained soil Drought tolerant High salt tolerance Blooms Spring to mid summer Striking, intense red to orange flowers … Continue reading

Red Maple

Red Maple Acer rubrum Florida Native – Large growing tree that can reach up to 30′ in height Deciduous Full sun to partial sun Cold tolerant Tolerant of most soil conditions Drought tolerant once established Not salt tolerant Great shade … Continue reading

RattleBox Tree

RattleBox Tree Sesbania punicea Small flowering tree – deciduous – Fast Growing Can reach up to 15′ in height Full sun to part shade Moist soil, can take some wet areas. Do not let dry out. Not drought tolerant Medium … Continue reading

Olive ‘European’

Olive ‘European’ Olea europaea Large, fast growing evergreen tree Can reach up to 20-30′ in height and spread Full sun Cold tolerant – no known pest Well drained soil best, but tolerant of many. No wet feet Drought tolerant once … Continue reading

Olive Black ‘Shady Lady’

Olive Black ‘Shady Lady’ Bucida buceras Subtropical Evergreen Large Shade Tree. Medium Growth Habit Can reach up to 40′ in height with 35′ Spread Full Sun Frost Free Environment Well drained – But water regularly – Not Drought tolerant Medium … Continue reading


Magnolia Magnolia grandiflora Large Evergreen Tree – Moderate Grower Depending on variety (Little Gem 20’Ht) ( D.D. Blanchard 40’Ht) Full Sun to Part Shade Cold Tolerant Does best in rich, well drained, acidic soil Drought tolerant once established No salt … Continue reading