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Loquat Eriobotrya japonica Evergreen, fruiting tree (Edible) Small to medium sized tree. 20-30′ in height Full sun best – can take some shade but less fruit Cold tolerant in our area ( Bradenton/SRQ) Fertile, moist but well drained soil Water … Continue reading

Live Oak

Live Oak Quercus virginiana Large growing evergreen Large tree up to 60′ in height and spread (Best shade Tree) Full sun to part sun Cold tolerant Moist, well drained soil Very drought tolerant once established No salt tolerance Produces acorns … Continue reading

Ligustrum Green

Ligustrum Green Ligustrum japonicum Large moderate to fast growing evergreen Can be a large shrub or trained into a multi-trunk tree Can reach up to 15-20′ in height Full sun to partial sun Cold Tolerant Very tolerant of a wide … Continue reading

Jathropa Tree

Jathropa Tree Jathropa integerrima Moderate growing, semi tropical shrub or small flowering tree Can reach up to 15′ in height Full sun for best blooms, can take some shade Not Cold Tolerant Well drained soil – water well to get … Continue reading


Jacaranda Jacaranda mimosifolia Large deciduous tree Can grow up to 30-40′ in height Bright Full Sun Frost Free Environment Prefers enriched sandy, well drained soils, but tolerant of most. Does NOT like wet, soggy feet Some drought tolerance Not Salt … Continue reading

Italian Cypress

Italian Cypress Cupressus sempervirens Slow to Moderate growing evergreen Can reach up to 40′ + height, but stays slender Full Sun Does well in hot, dry soil conditions, well drained Very Cold hardy Medium salt tolerance Makes a very formal … Continue reading

Ilex Weeping Youpon

Ilex Weeping Youpon Ilex vomitoria ‘Weeping’ Evergreen shrub or small tree -moderate grower Can reach up to 20′ in height Full sun best, can take some shade Cold Tolerant Well drained soil best but tolerant of many Drought tolerant once … Continue reading

Ilex Nellie R Stevens

Ilex Nellie R Stevens Ilex ‘Nellie R Stevens’ Moderate growing evergreen. Tends to grow in a pyramidal shape Can reach up to 20-25′ in height Full Sun Very Cold Hardy Well drained , likes acidic soil Drought tolerant once established … Continue reading

Ilex East Palatka

Ilex East Palatka Ilex ‘East Palatka’ Pyramidal shaped evergreen shrub or small tree. Florida Native Can reach up to 12′ in height and 6-8′ in spread Full sun to partial shade Very Cold Tolerant Well drained soil Very drought tolerant … Continue reading

Hong Kong Orchid

Hong Kong Orchid Bauhinia blakeana Fast Growing Deciduous Tree Can reach up to 20-30′ in Height and Spread Full Sun Striking purple to deep lavender orchid like flowers Fragrant Flowers Blooms late winter to early summer Does best in acidic … Continue reading