mariposagardencenterphotos 157Cypress Grade “A”

All Bark Cypress is just the bark from the cypress trees. It is the “Rolls Royce” of mulches. A byproduct of the lumber industry, it has a stringy, fiber texture, reddish brown color. By nature it is resistant to decay, repels insects and maintains its appearance for a long time. It will lay like a thick intertwined carpet that will not wash away. It is more expensive than all other mulches but because of its natural characteristics it will last a lot longer. After all, it is made from the part of the tree that was intended to protect the tree from the elements.

mariposagardencenterphotos 157Premium Cypress “B”

Premium cypress is the whole tree shredded, bark and all. It has a rich auburn color with a woody appearance that will fade to grey over time. Though it has no nutritional value, it’s primary use is decorative and it also helps retard weed growth, insulating the soil from temperature extremes and holding moisture. Different grades of this mulch are common, the cheaper ones generally do not have any bark and sometimes even have pallets and other odd wood shredded.

mariposagardencenterphotos 160Cypress Red Mulch

Same characteristics as the Cypress “B” with a harmless red dye applied.  The dye will eventually fade away and if not top dressed will turn grey over time.

mariposagardencenterphotos 158Coco Brown Mulch

Coco brown mulch is the most widely bought type of cypress mulch from Mariposa Nursery.  Although it has the same characteristics as the premium and red cypress, it has some compost mixed in and retains its dark rich earth tone for a very long time.


mariposagardencenterphotos 159Black Mulch

Black mulch has the same characteristics as the Cypress “B” with a harmless black dye applied.  The dye will eventually fade away and if not top dressed will turn grey over time.


eucalyptusmulchEucalyptus Mulch

Like all mulches, eucalyptus mulch minimizes weeds, keeps soil moist and adds nutrients to the soil as it decomposes. Many gardeners also use eucalyptus mulch to repel garden insects.


mariposagardencenterphotos 154mariposagardencenterphotos 152Pine Bark Nuggets

Pine bark nuggets is the bark only from pine trees. All pine bark is a by-product of the paper and lumber industries. The bark is chopped up and screened producing the different sized pine nuggets, large and mini. Pine bark is an excellent mulch to use and is our best seller. It doesn’t compact like most mulches, it has a dark drown color that holds up longer than most mulches. Pine is also an excellent soil conditioner. It’s great for loosening up heavy soils and because of its acidity, it promotes root growth and is wonderful for your acid loving plants.