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Palm Chinese Fan - Livistona chinensis

Palm Chinese Fan – Livistona chinensis Moderate grower, with very large fan like fronds, glossy green in color. Great for screen planting. Very cold hardy. Too much shade can cause the leaves to stretch. Can reach up to 25′ in … Read More »

Palm Coconut - Cocos nucifera

Palm Coconut – Cocos nucifera Coconut palms are the universal symbol of the tropics. Coconuts can adapt to exposed coastal locations, prospering best in areas with high rainfall, high water-table, and warm temperature. Cold sensitive High drought tolerance High salt … Read More »

Palm European Fan - Chamaerops humilis

Palm European Fan – Chamaerops humilis Very hardy, slow growing palm. The hand like fronds vary in color from green, blue-green to silver-green. Great accent plant or specimen. Cold hardy. Can reach up to 8-10′ in height Drought tolerant Sizes … Read More »

Palm Fishtail

Palm Fishtail Multi-stemmed palm with lush green leaflets shaped like a fish’s tail fin. Gives a great textured look. Very tropical, great screening or understory planting. Can take full sun, prefers part sun to shade. Very tough palm. Can reach … Read More »

Palm Foxtail - Wodyetia bifurcata

Palm Foxtail – Wodyetia bifurcata Grey, slender truck, ringed with leaf scars. Bushy deep green foliage that resembles a fox’s tail due to its circular arrangement on the main stem. Self cleaner, fast grower. Adaptable to a broad range of … Read More »

Palm Lady - Raphis excelsa

Palm Lady – Raphis excelsa Slender clumping trunk/stems with dark glossy green lady finger leaves. Slow grower. Best suited for partial shade to shade. Good indoor plant in dim to bright light. Can reach up to 7-10′ in height Moderate … Read More »

Palm Licuala - Licuala grandis

Palm Licuala – Licuala grandis Has seemingly perfectly circular leaves and is one of the most attractive palms available. Licuala is a slow growing, wet rainforest understory plant, and requires part shade for best appearance. A well-drained but organic soil … Read More »

Palm Pindo - Butia sapitata

Palm Pindo – Butia sapitata One of the hardiest, feather-leafed palms. The arching, blue-green leaves reach upward and then arch back down. Slow grower/cold hardy. High drought tolerance Moderate salt tolerance Sizes available: 7gRead More »

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