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Alocasia Evergreen tropical perennial with large heart-arrow shaped leaves. Very lush tropical. Great for ponds or water edge. Part sun to shade Can be used as a houseplant with bright light and moist soil Sizes available: 3gRead More »

Alocasia 'Aurora'

Alocasia ‘Aurora’ Velvety dark green leaf with white veins. Tropical grower, can be used as a house plant with bright light and well drained soil. Sizes available: 1gRead More »

Alocasia 'Portora'

Alocasia ‘Portora’ This Alocasia is a hybrid. A very striking up-right clump with giant spear-shaped leaves, held up-right by strong purple stalks. A true specimen that screams tropical for any garden. Can reach up to 6′ in height Shady, moist … Read More »

Banana - Musa

Banana- Musa Tropical up-right grower with large leaves. Grown for the fruit and some for the foliage alone. Can be used indoors in bright light. Misi Luki – One of the best tasting Goldfinger – Commercial variety/fruiting Dwarf Cavendish – … Read More »

Bird of Paradise 'Orange' - Strelitzia reginae

Bird of Paradise ‘Orange’ – Strelitzia reginae Up-right, clumper with stiff, thick oblong lanceolate leaves that are greenish to gray in color. Long showy flower spikes which resemble a birds head with an orange and blue crown. Likes fertile, well … Read More »

Bird of Paradise 'White' - Strelitzia nicolai

Bird of Paradise ‘White’ – Strelitzia nicolai Large up-right clump grower with lushy,large, dark green, banana like leaves. White flower stalks that also resemble a bird’s head. Can be used indoors in bright light. Can reach up to 12-14′ in … Read More »


Bromelaid Very versatile plant. It can be used inside in bright light, outside in the landscape, in shady areas or full sun. In the landscape plant in well drained soil. Protect from the cold. Great as mass plantings or containers. … Read More »

Canna Lily - Canna X generalis

Canna Lily – Canna X generalis Very lushy, large dark green leaves on erect stalks that can reach up to 5-6′ ft in height. Canna’s produce a very showy multi bloom flower stalk. Comes in many colors and varieties. Wonderful … Read More »

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