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Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant Perennial that has wide evergreen leaves that rise-up from ground, leaves are leathery and dark green. Excellent low-maintenance ground cover in dry shady areas. Thrives in deep to moderate shade. Well-drained soil. GREAT indoor plant with no … Read More »

Chenile Firetail - Acalypha pendula

Chenile Firetail – Acalypha pendula Very lushy flowering groundcover with small red-fuzzy bottlebrush shaped blooms. Can be used in hanging baskets or containers. Wonderful mass planting. Blooms nearly year-round. Can reach up to 4-6″ long Good indoor plant if placed … Read More »

Daylily - Hemerocallis

Daylily – Hemerocallis Perennial that has wide grass like blades with 10-12″stems that produce large colorful flowers. Comes in a wide spectrum of colors and varieties. Wonderful in mass plantings. Sizes available: 1gRead More »

Firecracker Plant - Russelia equisetiformis (Red or Yellow)

Firecracker Plant – Russelia equisetiformis (Red or Yellow) Evergreen shrub with long arching branches with very fine needle like foliage and small red tubular flowers nearly year round. Salt/drought tolerant. Sizes available: 1g, 3gRead More »

Flax Lily - Dianella 'Variegata'

Flax Lily – Dianella ‘Variegata’ Up-right green and white variegated blades with small white flowers and blue berries on thin stems. Very colorful and striking accent plant. Can reach up to 2′ in height Drought tolerant Sizes available: 1g, 3gRead More »

Creeping fig - Ficus repens

Creeping fig – Ficus repens Fast growing evergreen climbing vine. Foliage has very dark green small rounded leaves. Great plant for stucco walls or for climbing on rock gardens. Salt/drought tolerant. Can take freezing temperatures for a short period of … Read More »

Garlic (society) - Tulbaghia violacea

Garlic (society) – Tulbaghia violacea Thin round shaped up-right foliage with with purple flowers on tall stalks. Smells heavily of garlic when foliage is ruffled. Extremely tough. Can reach up to 18″ in height with flower stalks up to 24″ … Read More »

Gloxinia 'Bolivian Sunset'

Gloxinia ‘Bolivian Sunset’ Wonderful winter blooming perennial that is great as a groundcover in a shady area. Beautiful orange-red, tubular blooms with a yellow mouth. Resembles a goldfish. Can go dormant in the spring. Sizes available: 1gRead More »

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