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False Agave

False Agave – Furcraea foetida ‘varigata’ Leaves have bright creamy white stripes with NO spines. Striking plant for the landscape. Can get knocked back from the cold but should come back. Likes well drained soil, Full Sun. Low Maintenance. Moderate … Read More »


Sedum – Assorted Variety Comes in a wide variety of colors. Very succulent/fleshy like leaves. Makes a great groundcover for hot, dry, sandy locations. Also ideal for rock garden and container plantings. Some are known for their flowers while most … Read More »


Yucca elephantipes ‘Soft-Tip’ Green The tallest of the Yucca varieties. This one does not have the sharp, sword like leaves like other varieties. Great specimen planting for that hot, dry, sandy location. Very drought tolerant once established. Very cold hardy. … Read More »

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