Woody Ornamentals

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Buttonwood Silver - Conocarpus

Buttonwood Silver – Conocarpus erectus variegated sericeus Evergreen shrub that can reach 15-20′ Ht. Can be found in bush or tree form. Can tolerate occassional wet soil. High Salt tolerance. High Drought tolerance. Sizes available: 3g, 7g, 10/15gRead More »

Carissa Boxwood 'Emerald Blanket'

Carissa Boxwood ‘Emerald Blanket’ Carissa macrocarpa Dwarf evergreen with round spreading growth habit. Gets edible red fruit, thorny stems and glossy leaves. Good ground cover for dune stabilization. Small white fragrant flowers in spring, summer and fall. Salt and drought … Read More »

Cassia 'Candlebush' - Cassia alata

Cassia ‘Candlebush’ – Cassia alata Fast growing evergreen shrub. Can reach up to 7′ in height. Very showy large up-right yellow flowers in the summer and fall. Great specimen or container plant. Medium Salt tolerance. Medium Drought tolerance. Sizes available: … Read More »

Cestrum aurantiacum 'Yellow'

Cestrum aurantiacum ‘Yellow’ Evergreen sprawling shrub, produces orange-yellow tubular flowers in the summer and fall. Fast grower up to 5-6′ ft in height. High drought/Med salt. Sizes available: 1g, 3gRead More »

Cestrum nocturnum 'Night Blooming Jasmine'

Cestrum nocturnum ‘Night Blooming Jasmine’ Fast growing evergreen shrub that can grow up to 6-8′ in height. Produces small pale yellow tubular flowers in the spring and summer. Gives off a strong fragrance at night time. Sizes available: 1g, 3g, … Read More »

Clerodendron - Blue Butterfly

Clerodendron – Blue Butterfly Sprawling, evergreen shrub that can reach up to 8′ in height and spread, but usually maintained much smaller. Produces clusters of flowers throughout summer and fall. Flowers look like butterflies in two shades of blue. Takes … Read More »

Clerodendron -Starburst

Clerodendron -Starburst Large Shrub or small flowering tree. Can reach up to 15′ in height. Striking dark green foliage with purple undersides. Produces a ‘Starburst’ like pinky colored bloom in late winter. Medium Salt tolerance. Like well drained soil. Full … Read More »

Cocoplum - Chrysobalanus icaco

Cocoplum – Chrysobalanus icaco Florida native – Evergreen shrub with green to reddish foliage. Excellent for short hedge in south Florida. Also can be used as groundcover or mass plantings. Insignificant flower, fruit are edible. High Salt/Drought tolerance. Sizes available: … Read More »

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