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Agapanthus Blue - Agapanthus africans

Agapanthus Blue – Agapanthus africans Flowering perennial with dark green wide blades (grass like). Produces long stems with clusters of dark blue flowers at the top in spring and summer. Likes filtered sun. Also available in white and a Dwarf … Read More »

Baby Sunrose (Aptenia)

Baby Sunrose (Aptenia) Succulent like groundcover with thick leathery leaves. Produces bright red, daisy like flowers with very fine petals. Great for hot, dry locations. Sizes available: 1gRead More »

Beach Sunflower - Helianthus debilis

Beach Sunflower – Helianthus debilis Vigorous trailing groundcover that produces yellow daisy like flowers year round. Great groundcover for hot, dry conditions and dune plantings. Very rugged. Salt/drought tolerant. Well drained soil a must. Sizes available: 1gRead More »

Blue Daze - Evolvulus glomeratus

Blue Daze – Evolvulus glomeratus Flowering groundcover with silver-green foliage that produces small blue flowers nearly year-around. Great for mass planting or hanging baskets. Salt/drought tolerant. Sizes available: 1gRead More »


Bulbine Fast growing, succulent clumping perennial with fleshy green leaves. Produces long up-right stems with cones of yellow or orange flowers. Great as mass groundcover or rock gardens. Well drained soil. Blooms year around. The orange seems to do the … Read More »

Buttercup - Turnera (White)

Buttercup – Turnera (White) Evergreen, flowering groundcover with large white flowers with yellow centers, that open in the morning and close in afternoon. Blooms nearly year around. High drought/salt tolerance. Great for seaside plantings. Sizes available: 1gRead More »

Buttercup - Turnera (Yellow)

Buttercup – Turnera (Yellow) Native tropical, semi-woody shrub with yellow flowers on dark green foliage. Likes moist well drained soil. Can reach up to 24″ in height Medium drought tolerance High salt tolerance Sizes available: 1gRead More »


Caladiums Bulbs that begin to sprout into large heart/arrow head shaped leaves once the ground has begun to warm after winter. Come in a large array of colors and varieties. Always adds a bit of tropical to any garden. Sizes … Read More »

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