Garden Center

Come in and browse our unique gifts.  From yard art to wind chimes, paintings to pottery you’ll find the perfect piece for your home or gift item.  We have rooms full of specialty items that are constantly changing.  Check us out regularly to see our latest finds.

Our selection of pottery can’t be beat! We have many different styles & colors from all over the world. Constantly being refreshed by new shipments.

No Landscape would be complete without a layer of mulch to prevent weeds & retain moisture. View our selections of high quality mulches & soil amendments.

Check out our selection of top quality soils and soil amendments. Each one is specific to what you are planting in the ground or in pots.

Having trouble figuring out what those pesky bugs are? Maybe you saw a beautiful flower bush on your walk and have no idea what it could be? No need to worry, our trusted staff are more than happy to help you identify any pest or plant (to the best of their ability), and provide the best advice for treatment and prevention.