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African Blue Basil - Ocimum basilicum

African Blue Basil – Ocimum basilicum Showy basil with fragrant purple-green foliage. Produces long fuzzy purple spike-like flowers mostly year round. Leaves are very fragrant. Grows up to 3′ ft in height. Attracts bees. Sizes available: 1g, 3gRead More »

Buddleia - Buddleia davidii

Buddleia – Buddleia davidii Large up-right evergreen shrub with light green foliage. Produces large cone shaped clusters of tiny flowers in a wide array of colors. Very fragrant and showy. Likes to be trimmed to stimulate flowers. Salt/drought tolerant. Cold … Read More »

Cat Whiskers - Orthosiphon stamineus

Cat Whiskers – Orthosiphon stamineus Light green foliage – very bushy growth habit with long stamens that look like whiskers. Comes in white and blue. Nice accent plant. Can reach up to 3′ ft in height. Sizes available: 1g, 3gRead More »

Chenile Up-right - Acalypha Hispida

Chenile Up-right – Acalypha Hispida Large shiny green leaves with very long red-fuzzy narrow hanging blooms. Blooms can reach up to 18″ in length. Great accent plant. Can reach up to 6′ ft in height. Sizes available: 1gRead More »

Chocolate Plant - Pseuderanthemum

Chocolate Plant – Pseuderanthemum Up-right, erect growing shrub with shiny dark burgundy to green foliage. Produces a red spike like flower in the summer. Mainly grown for the foliage. Can take full sun. Average height is around 3-4′. Sizes available: … Read More »

Cigar Plant - Cuphea

Cigar Plant – Cuphea Fast-growing evergreen perennial that produces small tubular orange-red flowers. Can reach up to 3′ in height with same spread. Plant in full sun but can tolerate some shade, likes moisture, but will endure short dry spells. … Read More »

Coleus - Kong Series

Coleus – Kong Series Leafy, colorful shrub that comes in a wide spectrum of colors and variations. Great planting for the fall for that splash of intense color. Can reach up to 3′ in height. Sizes available: 1g, 3gRead More »

Coneflower 'Echinacea'

Coneflower ‘Echinacea’ Perennial with beautiful dark purple blooms in summer months. Very attractive. Can reach up to 2-3′ in height depending on variety. Full sun. Moist well drained soil. Sizes available: 1gRead More »

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