There are many benefits to mulch! Mulch can be used to create a neat appearance,  hold in moisture, retain weeds, and even repel insects. Mulch also compliments your landscape to give your area more of a complete look.

Shredded Cypress - Grade A
grade a

The very best; Made only from the bark of the cypress tree. Resistant to decay, no float, and repels insects. Very fine and will mesh together to create a carpet-like coverage.

3 Cu Ft Bag

Shredded Cypress - Grade B

This is your common, everyday mulch. This is made from the entire tree. It will still repel insects but not as fine as Grade A.

2 Cu Ft Bag

Shredded Cypress - Red Dyed

This shredded mulch is a mixture of hardwoods that have been dyed to a specific color.

2 Cu Ft Bag

Shredded Cypress - Cocoa Brown & Black
Cocoa Black Mulch

This shredded cypress has been dyed to a specific color to enhance the beauty of your landscape. Cocoa brown being one of the more popular colors.

2 Cu Ft Bag

Pine Nugget - Large

Large chunks of pine bark from pine trees. These give off a wonderful, textured look with a true brown color. Color can fade and break down over time.

2 Cu Ft Bag

Pine Nugget - Mini
Mini Nugget

Smaller, tumbled like pieces of pine bark. Gives off a nice brown coloring and coverage. Spreads out very nicely.

2 Cu Ft Bag