Cycads & Palms

Palms for all occasions. Short palms, tall palms, fat palms, in the shade, in the sun, single trunk, multi-trunk. There's a palm for everyone, take your pick!

Adonidia Palm

Commonly known as, "Christmas Palm". Very popular due to it's neat, formal appearance. Mainly used as an accent plant or in a container. Nice for pool area due to its cleanliness and small stature. Available in single or multi-trunk. Moderate grower.

Full/Filtered Sun 15'-20' Ht

Alexander Palm
Alexander Palm

Great tropical palm for smaller, tight areas due to its tall, slender growth habit. Moderate grower.

Full Sun  Up to 40' Ht

Areca Palm

Multi-stemmed clumper makes an excellent, lushy green, screen planting or a specimen plant in a container on the lanai or pool area. Fast growing.

Full/Filtered Sun 15'-20' Ht

Silver Bismarck Palm

One of the most beautiful and desirable fan palm. Striking silver-green foliage. Huge, long reaching, hand/fan like ends. Moderate grower.

Full Sun   Up to 40'ht

Bottle Palm
Bottle Palm

Known for its elegant bottle-like trunk and beautiful sculpted crown shaft. Makes a wonderful specimen or container planting. Thrives in the heat. Prefers moist, well-drained soil. Slow grower.

Full/Filtered Sun 12'-15' Ht

Cardboard Palm
cardboard palm

Prehistoric-like cycad with stiff, broad leaflets that feel like cardboard. Can be used as a specimen/center focal point or a mass planting. Slow to moderate grower.

Full/Filtered Sun 4'-5' Ht

Cat Palm
palm cat

Clumping palm with multiple trumps, mistaken for the Areca Palm but much smaller and prefers shade. Can be used an accent plant or in a container planting for the lanai, pool area, or as a houseplant with bright light. Slow grower. No direct sunlight.

Filtered Sun/Shade 6'-8' Ht

Chinese Fan Palm
Chinese Fan Palm

Multi-trunk, clumping moderate grower. Wonderful large, glossy green, fan-like fronds. Can get quite wide. Makes a nice screen planting. Fronds have sharp teeth near trunk.

Filtered Sun  Up to 25' Ht

Coconut Palm

The universal symbol of the tropics. Given proper care and growing conditions the coconut palm can produce fruit at 6-8 years old. Moderate to slow grower.

Full Sun  Up to 30' Ht

Coontie Palm
Coontie – Zamia pumila floridana

Multi-stemmed, clumping Florida Native. Glossy green, medium textured foliage like fronds that some say look fern like. Can tolerate some very tough conditions once established. Slow grower, spreads.

Full Sun 2'-3' Ht

Fishtail Palm

The lush, green leaflets are shaped like a fishes tail fin. Gives a great tropical, textured look. Great for screening. Moderate to fast grower.

Full Sun to Shade   20' Ht

Foxtail Palm

Very popular palm. Comes in single and multi-stem trunks that are ringed with leaf scars. Bushy like, deep green foliage that resemble a fox's tail due to the circular arrangement on the main stem. Fast to Moderate grower.

Full Sun  Up to 30'

Lady Palm

Multi-stemmed clumper that makes a nice container planting for the pool area or lanai. Can be used as a house plant with bright light. Slow grower.

Partial Shade/Shade 8'-10' Ht

Ponytail Palm
Ponytail Palm

Very tough and versatile plant with its sleek, swollen bulb-like trunk that is topped with long, slightly curly leaves. Popular as a houseplant for its air-cleaning ability. Slow grower.

Full Sun  Up to 15' Ht

Pygmy Date Palm

Very popular palm due to its small stature. Not a self cleaner. Has thorns on stems close to trunk. Great palm for a focal planting or screening a window. Fast to moderate grower. Available in single or multi-trunk.

Full Sun 10'-12' Ht

Queen Palm
Queen Palm

Large, long, dark green fronds with an arching growth habit. Produces large, cascading seed pods in the late spring to summer that bees love. Not a self cleaner. Fast grower.

Full Sun 30'-40' Ht

Royal Palm
royal palm

Majestic, specimen palm. The royal palms have large, fat swollen trunks at the bottom and again at the middle. The large stature and striking appearance makes this palm very popular. Self cleaning. Moderate to fast grower.

Full Sun 50'-60' Ht

Sabal Palm

The State Tree of Florida. The frond boots tend to shed off the trunk as the tree ages. Trunks can be cleaned to make it a slick trunk. Slow grower.

Full Sun  Up to 20' Ht

King Sago Palm
King Sago Palm

Not actually a palm. Produces a golden crown in the center during the summer (depending on gender). Although the foliage is stiff and prickly, it gives a lush, tropical feel to any landscape. Plant away from sidewalks to avoid brushing into it. Makes a nice specimen planting. Slow grower.

Full/Part Sun 8'-10' Ht

Solitaire Palm
Solitaire Palm

Very similar to Alexander palm but slightly slimmer trunk and may not get quite as tall. Great for tight areas. Moderate to fast grower. 

Full Sun  Up to 25' Ht

Spindle Palm
Spindle Palm

Fat, smooth trunk similar to the Bottle Palm but slightly more cold hardy. Keep fed, can be susceptible to potassium deficiency. Good for the pool area, container planting, or specimen plant. Slow grower.

Full/Filtered Sun 18'-20' Ht

Traveler's Palm
Travelers Palm

Up-right, growing tropical tree with long, lushy green, banana-like leaves that fan out from the trunk in a flat pattern. Give this one plenty of room to do its thing and give you its true beauty. Will eventually get a single trunk and slower growth as it ages.

Full Sun  Up to 30' Ht

Triangle Palm

Very neat looking palm. Has a smooth, ringed, up-right trunk with fronds growing on 3 sides giving it the triangle effect. Nice as a focal point in the landscape or container planting. Slow grower.

Full Sun  Up to 20' Ht