Ground Covers

Ground covers are usually defined as a single plant that is mass planted in order to cover a lot of ground... say that again.

Baby Sunrose
Baby Sunrose

Succulent-like ground cover with thick leathery leaves. Produces bright red, daisy-like flowers with very fine petals. Great for hot/dry locations. Can be used in container plantings.

Full Sun 18"-20" Sp

Beach Sunflower
Beach Sunflower

Vigorous trailing ground cover that produces yellow daisy-like flowers year round. Great ground cover for hot/dry conditions and dune plantings. Salt/Drought tolerant. Well drained soil a must.

Full Sun 24"Sp

Blue Daze

Flowering ground cover with silver-green foliage that produces true blue flowers nearly year round. Great for mass plantings, hanging baskets, or containers.

Sun/Filtered 18"-24" Sp


Evergreen, flowering ground cover with large white flowers with yellow centers that open in the morning and close in the afternoon. Blooms nearly year-round. Drought/salt tolerant. Great for seaside planting or tough dry areas.

Full Sun 18"-24" Sp

Chenille Firetail

Very lush flowering ground cover with small red-fuzzy bottlebrush shaped blooms that can 4"-6" in length. Can be used in hanging baskets or container plantings. Makes a nice carpet when in a mass planting. Blooms nearly year-round. Moist, well-drained soil.

Sun/Part Sun 18"-24" Sp

Creeping Fig
Creeping Fig

Fast growing evergreen climbing vine. Foliage has very dark green, small leaves. Great plant for stucco walls or climbing on rock gardens. Salt/drought tolerant.


Flax Lily
Flax Lily

Up-right green and white variegated blades with small white flowers and blueberry like fruit on the stems. Very colorful and striking accent plant. Nice in mass plantings.

Full Sun 2'-3' Ht/Sp

Gaillardia 2

Great perennial ground cover for the hot, sunny, sandy Florida landscape. Beautiful red to orange to yellow banded daisy-like flowers. Foliage is fuzzy, silvery-green in color. Well-drained soil. Blooms Spring through Summer.

Full Sun 24"Ht/Sp

Heather - Cuphea
Heather Cuphea

Small mounding perennial with small shiny green leaves and very small little flowers. Great mass planting, low border, or container planting. Blooms nearly year-round. Drought tolerant once established.

Full Sun 14"Ht/Sp

Jasmine Minima
Jas Minima

Green, Snow Cap, Sunset, Variegated varieties. Fast growing ground hugging vine. Grows best in filtered sun, well-drained soil. Creates a lush carpet that can edged. Drought/cold tolerant.

Sun/Shade 24"-30" Sp

Juniper - Blue Pacific

Compact trailing evergreen ground cover. Dense blue-green foliage. Good for coastal areas. Salt/Drought tolerant. Likes well-drained soil.

Full Sun 24" Ht

Juniper - Parsonii
Parsoni Juniper

Low growing, evergreen shrub with blue-green foliage. Good ground cover or mass planting. Can be trimmed or shaped. Can tolerate poor soil conditions. Drought/cold tolerant.

Full Sun 2'-3' Ht


Spreading ground cover that comes in several varieties and colors that are nearly ever-blooming. Responds well to trimming to keep full and spur more blooms. Great mass planting or in containers. Drought tolerant when established.

Full Sun 18"-24" Sp


Native to Florida, this fast growing ground cover creates a delicate carpet covered with pink-purple powderpuff. Foliage gives a lacey/textured look. Drought tolerant.

Sun to Filtered 18"-24" Sp

Oyster Plant

Fast growing ground cover with purple and green erect blade-like foliage, growing in a clumping crown-like pattern. Can tolerate tough conditions. Likes well-drained soil, no wet feet. Drought tolerant.

Sun/Filtered 18"-24" Ht

Perennial Peanut

Moderate growing ground cover with small yellow blooms. Great as a mass planting. Very drought tolerant once established. Wonderful water-wise plant. Can be mowed and edged if need be.

Full Sun 18"-24" Sp

Purple Queen

Fast, low growing ground cover with colorful, dark purple foliage. Produces small pink flowers. Sprawling, open growth habit will tolerate some tough conditions. Drought/cold tolerant.

Sun/Filtered 24" Sp


Fast growing, spreading ground cover with delicate succulent-like leaves. Produces a mass of blooms in Spring through Summer. High heat tolerance. Drought tolerant when established. Great as mass planting or in containers. Comes in several colors.

Filtered Sun 18" Sp

Sweet Potato Vine

Vigorous growing ground cover with heart-shaped leaves. Can take dry conditions once established. Like well-draining soil. Great as a mass planting, in hanging baskets, or containers.

Full to Filtered Sun 24" Sp


Fast, vigorous growing, flowering ground cover that forms a solid mat. Great plant for slopes and holding soil in place. Attractive dark green foliage with bright yellow daisy-like flowers that bloom nearly year-round. Drought tolerant.

Sun/Shade 18"-24" Ht