Ornamental Grasses

Plant in small groupings or mass plantings, either way, ornamental grasses provide a wonderful texture and a bit of whimsiness to the landscape.

Bamboo Muhly Grass
Bamboo Muhly

Moderate to fast growing clumper with light, feather-like foliage that sways in the breeze. The foliage resembles bamboo and provides texture to the landscape. Great in a container or mass planting. Moist, well-drained soil. No wet feet.

Sun 3'-4' Ht/Sp


Moderate growing clumper that can fill many aspects of the landscape. Great planting for the waters edge as a mass planting, however it is also drought tolerant and can be used in other areas of the landscape.

Sun 2'-3' Ht

Fakahatchee Grass

Moderate growing grass with wide, light green blades that form a large clump. Great as a mass planting or accent plant. Can tolerate tough conditions. Drought tolerant once established. Cut back to ground when scraggly appearance.

Sun/Filtered 3'-4' Ht/Sp

Fountain Grass - Red
Red Fountain Grass

Beautiful dark burgundy foliage with burgundy/red cat-like plumes in the summer and fall. Makes a nice accent plant or mass planting. Drought tolerant. Can be cut back when appearing scraggly.

Sun 3' Ht

Fountain Grass - White
White Fountain Grass

Narrow green blades that tend to arch out from the clump. White cat-like plumes in the summer and fall. Drought tolerant. Can be cut back when appearing scraggly.

Sun 3' Ht

Lemon Grass

Tropical growing clumping grass that has many uses from repelling mosquitoes to use in Asian dishes. Plant along the pool or lanai for a lushy tropical feel and to smell the wonderful lemon fragrance. Can be cut back to bring on new growth.

Sun 3'-4' Ht/Sp

Muhly Grass
Pink Muhly Grass near St. Augustine, Florida marsh land.
** Note: Shallow depth of field

Robust, clump forming ornamental grass with very fine thread-like foliage. Flowers heaviest in the fall with a beautiful pink to purple, cotton candy like haze of plumes. Cold/drought tolerant once established.

Sun 2'-3' Ht/Sp

Paspalum Grass

Forms a perfectly rounded clumping mound with blue-gray foliage. Takes a wide variety of soil conditions. It is a great ornamental grass that is frequently underappreciated.

Sun/Filtered 3' Ht/Sp