Trees come in all shapes and sizes. Some are not actually trees, but bushes, trained to be small flowering trees.

Angel's Trumpet
Angel Trumpet

Large tropical shrub or tree, prefers moist well-drained soil. Large, show stopping, trumpet shaped flowers that hang like bells. Blooms nearly year-round. Very fragrant.
*All parts of this plant are poisonous*

Full Sun 8'-10' Ht

Bald Cypress

Large growing, deciduous tree. Produces cone shaped structures that grow from underground roots. Beautiful red to orange foliage in the fall. Cold and drought tolerant once established.

Full Sun Up to 40' Ht

Black Olive -
Shady Lady
shady lady

Large growing shade tree with attractive, layered-like branching. Great texture for the garden. Moderate grower. Deer resistant. Not drought tolerant.

Full Sun Up to 30' Ht

Bottlebrush tree

Evergreen, small flowering tree with abundant red bottlebrush-like blooms. Moderate grower. Attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Weeping variety also available.

Full Sun 15'-20' Ht

Silver Buttonwood

Wonderful, silvery-green foliage that can brighten up the garden or landscape. Can be used as specimen planting or to line a driveway or sidewalk. Moderate grower.

Full/Part Sun 15'-20' Ht

Desert Cassia

Desert - Small tropical flowering tree with showy, bright sunny yellow flowers appearing all along branches. Can tolerate some shade but will flower less. Drought tolerance once established.

Full Sun 8'-10' Ht

Cedar - Red
southern red cedar

Naturally grows in somewhat of a pyramidal shape with soft, feathery-looking emeral green foliage. Makes a nice tall privacy hedge or wind break in coastal areas. Moderate to fast grower.

Full/Part Sun 25'-30' Ht

Crepe Myrtle
Crepe Myrtle 2

Large, showy, long lasting clusters of flowers in Spring. Very showy blooms, also known for its distinctive exfoliating bark. Prefers moist, well draining soil.

Full Sun 20'-30' Ht

Geiger - Orange
Geiger Tree

Tropical flowering tree with attractive dark orange flowers in warm summer months. Tough tree, leaves feel like sandpaper, salt tolerant, and somewhat drought tolerant. Attracts hummingbirds. Also available in white.

Full Sun 25' Ht

Hibiscus Tree
Red Hibiscus

Tropical growing shrub trained into a small flowering tree. Very fertile; prefers moisture but well draining soil. Not drought tolerant and needs regular watering. Blooms throughout warm months.

Full Sun Up to 15' Ht

Hong Kong Orchid
hong kong orchid

Fast growing tropical tree with striking purple to deep lavender orchid-like, fragrant flowers. High drought tolerance once established. Blooms late winter to early summer.

Full Sun 20'-30' Ht

Ilex - Eagleston

Florida native evergreen shrub or small tree. Produces bright red berries in the fall and winter. Great for birds. Prefers well drained soil, no wet feet.

Full Sun Up to 12' Ht

Italian Cypress
italian cypresses

Evergreen tree with nice, green to blue-green foliage. Gives a very formal appearance. Slow to moderate grower. Very cold hardy. Needs well drained soil.

Full Sun Up to 40' Ht


Large tree with fluorescent mass of violet-blue trumpet flowers. Prefers enriched sandy, well-drained soils but tolerant of most. Does not like wet feet. Blooms April-June.

Full Sun 30'-40' Ht 

Jathropa Tree
Jatropha 2

Semi-tropical. Moderate grower. Can make a nice flowering specimen in either tree form or multitrunk bush. Blooms cluster of tiny, bright red flowers nearly year round. Can tolerate shade but will bloom less.

Full Sun Up to 15' Ht

Juniper Torulosa
Juniper torulosa

Also known as, "Twisted Juniper" with its unusual, long, twisted arms and upright somewhat pyramidal shape. Fine textured foliage that is deep green. Great used as a specimen planting.

Full Sun 15'-20' Ht

Ligustrum - Multistem
Green Ligustrum

Large, moderate to fast growing evergreen. Can be a large shrub or trained into a multi-trunk tree. Produces fragrant clusters of white flowers in the spring that attracts bees. 

Full/Partial Sun 15'-20'Ht

Magnolia -
Little Gem

Beautiful, glossy green leaves. Large fragrant, creamy white flowers produced in the Spring though Summer. Comes in other varieties. Little Gem stays smaller, more slender. Great for small yards or street planting.

Full to Partial Sun 15' Ht

Live Oak
Live Oak

Large growing evergreen shade tree. Prefers moist, well-drained soil. Produces acorns in mid to late summer. Great shade tree but needs plenty of room.

Full Sun Up to 60'Ht

Red Maple
Red Maple

Florida native. Leaves drop off in the winter and come back in the Spring with a spark of red on the new growth. Tolerant of most soil conditions.

Full/Part Sun 30'Ht

Screwpine - Pandanus

A very cool looking plant with its unique trunk and multi-trunk heads that are topped off with a swirling canopy. Very sharp leaves. Somewhat cold tolerant. Slow to moderate grower. 

Full Sun Up to 20' Ht

Royal Poinciana
royal poinciana

Tropical fast grower. Blooms striking, intense red to orange flowers that cover the tree in Spring though Summer. Prefers moist, well draining soil. Drought tolerant, not cold hardy.

Full Sun 20'-30' Ht


Deciduous, moderate, grower. Mostly cold tolerant in our area. Blooms late winter - early spring. Prefers moist, well drained soil but tolerant of many.

Full Sun 20'-25' Ht

Viburnum - Walter's
Walters Viburnum

Florida native evergreen shrub trained into a tree form. Slow-moderate grower. Spring bloomer with a mass of small, creamy-white flowers. Attracts butterflies. Cold tolerant, somewhat drought tolerant once established.

Full Sun 12'-15' Ht