Vines are interesting additions to home gardens that add color and dimension to walls, fences, and other structures.

  •       'Brown Bud'         

    Moderate growing vine with large dark, glossy green leaves. The Brown Bud Allamanda gets its name because of its beautiful brown buds that open up into a large bright yellow flower. Needs structure to attach to.

Allamanda -Trellis pink
  • 'Cherries Jubilee'

        Moderate growing shrub-like vine. Produces large, trumpet shaped flowers in lavender. Blooms most of the year. Prefers well-drained soil and to be fed.

Full Sun - Viner

Bleeding Heart 

Moderate growing, evergreen vine with glossy, dark green foliage with purple stemmed red blooms. Blooms Spring through Fall. Also comes in a variety with red and white.

Full Sun - Viner

Bougainvillea 2

Fast growing, flowering vine with light-green, round, heart-shaped leaves. It has ever-blooming bracts on it's new growth. It's woody stems have thorns. Bougainvilleas are heat lovers and prefer well-drained soil. May look bad during seasons with lots of rain, but should recover.

Full Sun - Viner

Blue Sky Vine
Sky Vine

Fast growing climber with light green foliage. Produces a abundance of showy sky blue blooms in the Spring through the Fall. Will attach itself to just about any structure. It is drought and cold hardy.

Full Sun - Viner

Dutchman's Pipe
Dutchman's pipe

Fast growing vine that produces huge eye-catching blooms in the Spring and Fall that is patterned with red and white print. May need structure too climb. Prefers well-drained soil.

 Sun - Vining

Honeysuckle (2)
  • 'Japanese Honeysuckle'

    Moderate to fast growing vine. It has green leaves that have purple undersides. It produces clusters of small creamy white to yellow blossoms. The blooms have a sweet fragrance. Grows best attached to a structure and blooms nearly year-round. 

Filtered Sun/Sun - Viner

  • 'Coral Honeysuckle'

    Moderate growing vine with little light green leaves and small coral colored flowers. Grows best on a structure. Once established, can be very drought tolerant.

Sun - Viner

Jasmine 'Confederate'
confederate jasmine vine


Fast growing vine with fragrant, star-shaped, white flowers. Blooms in the Spring and is drought tolerant.

Sun - Viner


Pandora vine

An evergreen perennial with lovely bright yellow and green veined foliage. Great plants for shady areas, can also take full sun. Prefers well-drained soil.

Sun - Viner



Fast growing vine with large, glossy, dark green foliage. Produces large blooms in late Spring through Summer. Very showy and may need structure to climb. Prefers moist well-drained soil and full sun. Comes in a large variety of colors; not very cold hardy. 

Sun - Viner


Vigorous grower with large lobed leaves. Produces exotic look flowers in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Very Tropical. Can be invasive if not pruned and maintained.

Sun - Viner