Potting Soil & Amendments

Whether you're planting in the ground or in a container, it's always a good idea to amend your ground soil or use fresh potting soil for your containers. Your plants will appreciate it.

*Brands of soil and amendments are subject to change*

Cow Compost
Jolly Gardener Cow compost

The benefits of cow compost are to enhance the natural benefits of top soil by providing even higher concentrations of organic matter and mico-organisms. Cow compost goes through a long period of composting and is completely safe of any pathogens.

Soil Conditioner
robin hood soil conditioner

This mix consists of ultra fine pine bark and is excellent as a soil amendment to increase the soil's water retention and promote deep root development. It is also used as a mulch in annual beds to give a beautiful, dark, rich look to the ground.

Top Soil
top soil 2

Top soil is a very economical way of improving both the water retention and drainage of improving both the water retention and drainage of our local, generally poor soils, as well as filling in low spots and helping raised mounded flower beds and grading. It has a high concentration of organic matter and micro-organisms.

Landscape Soil
Jolly Gardener Landscape soil

Our landscape soil is a rich mix that is ideal for plantings in the ground. We recommend mixing this with your back-fill dirt to create a richer soil that will help to sustain your new plantings.

Sphagnum, Peat Moss, Compost, Pine Bark

Potting Soil
potting soil

Our foliage mix is a lighter soil used for container plantings. The perlite and pine bark in this mix help to regulate moisture and aid in drainage. It is enriched with just enough fertilizer to give your plants the kick-start they need.

Sphagnum, Peat Moss, Pine Bark, Perlite, Fertilizer (11-2-13), Lime


Fertrell is a long-lasting Phosphorus free fertilizer that is organic and will not burn your plants.

The Nitrogen sources are slow release so, there will be Nitrogen throughout the growing season. This product is for soil high in Phosphorus and low in Potassium.