The summer heat in July can be damaging to some plants, but Mariposa Nursery carries several options that can withstand the intensity of the heat and humidity and the large amounts of rain.

The two annuals that we recommend are pentas and lantana. Lantana is especially well-suited to this time of year because it thrives in high heat and with large amounts of water. It will also add a nice pop of color to your garden. The perennials that we recommend would be blue daze and purslane. Both of these plants thrive in the high temperatures of Florida summers and will help to keep your garden looking bright, lively, and healthy.

Although you can plant palms year round in Florida, the warm, rainy months of summer are the perfect time to plant any palms you had in mind. This allows for enough time for the roots to develop, take hold, and nourish the tree before temperatures begin to drop again in late fall and early winter. Two key components to young palms health are rising soil and air temperatures. 

While it may be native to southeast Asia, northern Australia, and other parts of Oceania, crape myrtle is perfect for the warm climate in Florida. This month we are running a special on our seven gallon crape myrtle bushes, which are currently in bloom. These plants bloom from the spring to early fall, so this gorgeous addition to your garden won't be short lived.

Come and visit us to learn more about our summer suggestions! | | “Best Time to Plant Palm Trees in Florida.” Sarasota Landscape Design, 24 Aug. 2017.